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Whatever Your Business Image Needs…

Every marketing effort begins with the Brand Image. The simple truth is that we all judge books by their covers. You’re doing it right now… You’re shopping for services and as you look through this website, you’ll be formulating your opinion of us and our capability to serve you. Your prospective customer will do the same when they land on your website, or see your brochure, or business card… This is why your business image is so important.

As a business identity agency, we create the images and words that compel your customer to choose your company. Everything we design and write will be inspired by the interests of your customer. We’re very good at what we do. We’re reliable, creative, clever, fast, and resourceful. These are attributes that you’ll come to appreciate when we work for you.

“The customer is always right” is a phrase that we don’t fully subscribe to… Yes, of course we want to make you happy but it is way more important for us to make your customer happy. Because of this, we may not always say what you want to hear… Truth is, if we’re not completely straight with you about our views regarding your marketing initiatives, we wouldn’t be doing our job very well.

That said, Coastal Technology & Design will make your company interesting and desirable, two qualities that are cornerstones of increased sales and customer retention. We’re not cheap. We’re not expensive. We are effective, and we genuinely care about your business.

Web Design

Responsive Website Design that is clean but not boring. We will exceed your expectations when creating the perfect site for your particular industry and when we make the promises, you can count on them. We take your project very seriously.

Logo Design

Your LOGO is at the forefront of all of your marketing initiatives. Your Logo should be attractive and attracting. It should reflect the personality of your company and connect with your potential customer. We design Logos with these tenets.

Print Design

In this age of the Internet, there is a common misconception among business owners that print marketing is dead. Actually, the opposite is true. The Internet has given new life to print advertising. Postcards & Brochures are very effective.


Good Copy allows you to reach your customer demographic on an intimate level. You can communicate your message to prospective customers in a way that demonstrates your unique ability to serve their needs and desires.