Logo Design

Logo Design

Your LOGO Design and Marketing Materials are at the core of any new venture. The initial lack of customers, and tight budgets, often find the new business owner delaying the professional design and creation of a Logo until “things get rolling”.

The truth is, that saving money on a Logo that will be at the Center of all of their future Branding efforts, will actually slow their chances of getting new customers on board.

Many entrepreneurs, when launching their business, make an effort to design their own marketing materials.

This is most evident as they attempt to design their first business card. Others may have a friend, or a relative create the design. In most every case, this is not the best idea. You have one chance for a first impression.

Sure, there are some isolated circumstances that the amateur nailed the design and message, but that is rarely true.

A Logo design and Business Card essentially create your image, and if they don’t hit the mark, this will immediately put your company and your message at a disadvantage.

Coastal Technology & Design takes immense pride in every aspect of the creation of their client’s image. Our design simply put is the organization and merchandising effort; the support system if you will, of Your Own Vision.